♯2 Luísa Alpalhão Exhibition [Table for 100's]

♯2 Luísa Alpalhão Exhibition [Table for 100's]

konya2023 is pleased to announce our gallery's 3rd anniversary exhibition, entitled [Table for 100's] by Luísa Alpalhão, this year's invited artist from Portuguese.

Nov. 11 (Fri.) to Dec. 10 (Wed.), 2011
Admission free

konya-gallery(2F), konya-sky(RF)
Dai-ichi Matsumura Bld., Daimyo 1-14-28, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan, 810-0041

★Opening party   11/12  1000yen(1drink付)small dish 500yen / dish
17:00~ children WS / 19:00~ talk / 20:00~ dinner

★Special dinner   11/10   *patron only : http://camp-fire.jp/

★Closing party  11/30  1000yen(1drink付)19:00〜

tel/ 092-984-6292   
e-mail/ travel-front@travelers-project.info


This event is registered to Micro Patron Platform CAMPFIRE. http://camp-fire.jp/

[Table for 100's], commissioned by Konya 2023, Fukuoka, will recreate a series of dining scenarios that take place in public spaces and how those vary amongst different cultures and peoples' ages. Through a bind between certain Portuguese dining traditions (spatially, socially and gastronomically) with those of the Japanese culture (cross referencing historical connections and the contemporary Japanese society; age, gender and social background) a very long [Table for 100's] will emerge.

The table will register the differences in heights when dining, the way food is served or cooked, the way people eat (in a social shared event or on one's own), how people seat (or stand), how cross conversations are generated, how children and adults have a different presence when sitting at a table, how people interact or how they might be protective of their own space and time when dining. All those registries will lead to a collective design of a long object, a public dinning table that, at certain points, might touch the ground, whilst at others might become less like an object, and more like an imaginary space.

Luísa Alpalhão (b.1984, Lisbon) is a Lisbon and London based architect & installation artist and founding member of the design & art collective urban nomads. Her work focuses on creating informal, playful, colourful and participative projects that vary in scale, representation methods and format. Linked by the way they investigate and analyse misused urban spaces so that through the process of reclaiming those derelict urban niches new socio-cultural links can be established between local people of all ages and backgrounds. These projects help developing new methods and techniques to engage the public/users in the design and construction of the public realm in a participative way so that social boundaries  and boundaries between private and public spaces will fade.

PhD by Design, The Bartlett, UCL, London, 2011-2015
RIBA Part 3, The Bartlett, UCL, London, July 2010
MA Architecture, Royal College of Art, London, July 2008
BSc(Hons) in Architecture, University of East London, June 2005


Tohoku-Kyushu Project vol.2 NAGASAKI

11 March 2011, the tremendous earthquake and Tsunami attacked the Tohoku region of Japan.
Even if n a great grief, people are continuing to tackle with revival all the time since then to this moment.
We started "Tohoku Kyushu Project" with the aim to build a Medium- and Long-Term cooperation with designers and artists in the Tohoku region from here kyushu, as an alternative to donation, in cultural field.
The main activity is opening the limited shop that sells design and art goods of Tohoku and Kyushu designers and artists.
And we try that this shop travels to department stores or galleries in each prefectures of kyushu in this year. This Fukuoka is the first site of the tour.
The second site of the tour is Nagasaki.
All the income from the item of Tohoku will be back to Tohoku designers and artists, the profits from the item of kyushu will be appropriated for operating funds of this project.
Next Exhibition

Title : Tohoku-Kyushu Project vol.2 NAGASAKI
Date : 14 Oct - 23 Oct. 2011
Opening Hours : 10:00-21:00
*TKP TALK Vol.2 16 Oct 14:00~
Venue : Amu Plaza Nagasaki 3F
Address : Onouemachi 1-1, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki

Organaized by Amu Plaza Nagasaki
Directed by Chaokao (web: http://chaokao.org/) & Tohoku Kyushu Project
TEL & FAX : TRAVEL FRONT +81-(0)92-984-6292

Mail : travel-front@travelers-project.info[ Tohoku-Kyushu Project ]


Thai Yatai Party on the rooftop

On the roof top and balcony(3F) of konya2023, YATAI (street stalls) of Thai food and BEER boothes (8 kinds of draft beer and 2 kinds of Thai beer ) will emerge.  Enjoy drinking and conversation in Asian atmosphere !

Date : 30 Sep. 18:00 - 22:00 ,  1 Oct. 15:00 - 20:00 *food booth is open from 16:00.
Venue : konya2023 (ticket counter at 2F)
Ticket : adv. 2500yen  door 3000yen (food is not included)
Food : 500yen / dish, served by GAMLANGDII
Address : Daiichi Matsumura build., 1-14-28, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Tel : 092-984-6292
Mail : travel-front@travelers-project.info

Open!! Switch Box Coffee & Talking Shirts

title    : Open!! Switch Box Coffee
date   : 2011.1.28. ~ 1.30.
time   : 13:00 - 19:00
event : OPENING PARTY 2011.1.28. 19:00~ / 1 drink order
venue: konya-gallery
fee     : free (if you order coffee, we are so glad.)
menu: coffee(TRAVEL BREND & Special Coffee from Jonathan), something sweets, etc

plan & design : Jonathan Meier & no.d+a & TRAVEL FRONT

Jonathan Meier who comes from Darmstadt University interned in konya2023 during from Sep of 2010 until Feb of 2011.by chance, he came to plan and design the cafe that appears in gallery only between exhibitions. This cafe will be like a  "SWITCH" for not only exhibition's ON/OFF but also ON/OFF of people's feeling, ON/OFF of point of view, etc. This event is the OPENING of such a little unique cafe.

---Another event at the same time---
Exhibition 『Talking Shirts.』
date   : 2011.1.28. ~ 1.30.
time   : 13:00 - 19:00
event : 2011.1.29. 19:00~ / 1 drink order
            2011.1.30. 19:00~ / 1 drink order
venue: konya-gallery

Exhibition : SARAH TSE Residency & Exhibition in Japan 2010

Title :  
Everything seems; for everything as well as everybody,
heretofore all unknown
Curios, Stories and Strange Things Told

Date : September 3rd - 17th 12:00 - 19:00 (Wed. closed)
Venue : konya-gallery
Address : Daiichi Matsumura build. 2F, 1-14-28, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Ticket : free
Artist : Sarah Tse
Opening talk & party : September 3rd  19:00 -  ¥1000yen


 "Everything seems; for everything as well as everybody, heretofore all unknown Curios, Stories and Strange Things Told' is commissioned by Fountain and P3 art and environment and curated by Keith Whittle and Takashi Serizawa. Part of the Fountain and P3 art and environment 'Atelier Interaction Residency Programme' in partnership with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, the project is produced in association with Beppu Project NPO with the support of BEP. lab Operating Committee and is exhibited with the generous cooperation and support of Konya 2023 Gallery, Fukuoka and Nakaochiai Gallery, Tokyo.

Residency and exhibitions generously supported by Shiseido and The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation."