the Asian TABLE 2013
"the Asian TABLE" is a imaginary table that people share Asian creation.  On this "TABLE", various "current trends" of creation of many parts in Asia will be arranged.

At this time, 3 art spaces / collectives will be connected with using internet broadcasting system and hold a talk session about art scene / economy / society / the possibility of the Asian TABLE in casual mood. The talk will be conducted almost in English.

"the Asian TABLE"
Date : 2013.10.4.FRI 18:00-21:00
Venue : konya-sky (1-14-28 daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)  
Ticket : adv ¥1,500  door ¥1,800
*Please contact to to book the advance ticket

Sponsor : CREATIVE LAB FUKUOKA   *Asian Party (organized by Fukuoka city) related event
Organized by TRAVEL FRONT / konya2023 


// art spaces & collectives //
原都心創作空間 TOTATOGA
What A View! DT studio (大同風景好)

// text party //
You can join in the virtual party site ( Google document, spreadsheet ) on the website with writing or cut & paste. Everyone can participate in this party from everywhere, if only you are connected to the internet and sign in. It is like a chat, but more creative communication. Not only for exchanging the feeling or impression at the moment in each languages, you can just enjoy playing catch with texts and images each other. The communication there would cross over the difference of language.
*This time you can participate only at the real site of the Asian TABLE.

// cloud live painting //
Live-painting on the 'text party' site by the creative team "anno lab". They will use the photos taken in each participant city as material, and demonstrate the live-painting on the Google docs and spreadsheet as canvas. This performance will be run in parallel with talk session, so sometimes it would be affected and synchronized with the site's atmosphere, what is talked at the moment.

// food & drink //
Thai food by "gamlangdii"
"gamlangdii" is Thai restaurant near konya2023, certificated by Thai government's 'Thai Select'. They serves  traditional Thai home made dishes with organic vegetables and herbs. 

Talk session's MC : Mitsuo Tsuda, Tsuneo Noda

◯art spaces profiles
--Nha San Collective
Nhasan Studio 1998 -> Skylines With Flying People 2012 (temporary art space)-> Nhasan COLLECTIVE 2013
Nhasan Studio is the first and the longest artist run space for experimental art in Hanoi. Nhasan Collective is their new space, located in an abandoned pharmaceutical factory right in the centre of Hanoi.
Nhà Sàn COLLECTIVE is not a museum, a commercial gallery or an
international culture institute where completed works are presented by
established artists. Just like Nhà Sàn Studio before, it is a working studio to nurture where artists can create, collaborate, be given advices,
critiques, and have chances to meet with international artists, curators.

--原都心創作空間 TOTATOGA 
TOTATOGA is a community project that gives local government assistance to artists who come from various cultural back grounds, including fine art, sculpture, photograph, performance, cinema, literature, music and so on.
TOTATOGA's 27 studios located between jungang-dong and Donggwang-dong, where are historical district in Busan. This project started in 2010, now 311 artist are crating art and making community with citizen in their studios. 

--What A View! DT studio (大同風景好)
What A View:
Located in Taiwan,aiming to join the people and sharing the ideas together by means of  photography & traveling since 2010.
DT studio:
photo workshop and creative arts lab in Da Tong high school campus  (taipei,taiwan).

◯pick up artist profile
--anno lab
anno lab is the creative labo based in FUKUOKA city ( the primete city of South Japan ). anno lab is established by Alumni of Kyushu University who have different careers on April 2012. Our mission is making amusing world by creating new experience and value which stimulate intellectual curiosity.

◯MC profile
--Mitsuo Tsuda ( Talk session MC )
Born in 1957 Hyogo prefecture Japan. Sculptor
He considers sculpture to be an element of space composition, and creates stage art, modeling art of movie and device design. main works are special modeling art  "August in the water" Director Sogo Ishii 1995, monument"MADOKA"Onojo city Madokapia 1997, wood engineer "xylophone"NTT Docomo CM 2011.etc.

*The talk session will be broadcasted on
  Cloud live painting is only at the site.

art space / collective : Nha San Collective (Hanoi / Vietnam)
TOTATOGA (Busan / South Korea)  what a view! DT studio (Taipei / Taiwan)
text party direction : anno lab
web design : Nobuhiko Yoshikawa / SIIIS
system design : Mitsuo Morooka / art space tetra
coordinator : Hatsune Miyamoto / ART BASE 88 ,  Junji Murakami / AIP
translational cooperation : Keita Onooka